Saturday, September 29, 2007

:: i'm sketchy ::

ahh another lovely day at dr. sketchy's anti art school, "the universes best burlesque figure drawing session." i really have to stop making a habit of falling in love with the models. hm.

today was prom themed! i went stag, because i'm a loner dotty...a rebel.

these might not be awesome but they're what i did, so WHATEVER! the models were amelia danger and apathy. and THEY'RE totally awesome!

ok better explain...this next one we were supposed to draw something from the movie "carrie" i figured i'd go for the mom...but apparently no one remembered that part...just the pigs blood...


mikecarloooyeah said...

What a bunch of losers, there were so many crazy parts in carrie! I guess they re all gonna laugh at you smo. Anyways this seems like a crazy alternative to the normal life drawing session. Anyway some figure drawing advice. Try not to fuss too much with the overall detail. Try to nail whats important, the whole pose, the energy, and attitude, and how each part effects one another. See whats underneath and build on top of that, sort of like cartoon construction. Anyway, I still suck at figure drawing but this is stuff that has helped me a little. Nice stuff.

Phil said...

man, let me know when you go next time, I'm in.
nice sketching by the way.

gazbot said...


I know apathy, she worked with me at Spek on Just US Squad, I knew she did modeling and shit, but still it's crazy to me that you drew her...I guess I am easliy wowed by lifes small connections!

nice stuff by you!