Monday, October 12, 2009

:: night terrors ::

i'm not sure if i should use this blog anymore, but i'm thinking my new blog might be for more finished work and this for more process.

last night after killing 3 mosquitos in my loft bed and attempting to fall asleep unfettered by their extra buzzing in my ears [on top of what i normally deal with] i kept waking with a start. from nightmares. art nightmares.

all i was seeing was images; floods, torrents of images of projects that i've conceptualized in my head, but never committed to paper. i was plagued by these unborn ghosts until got up and drew feverishly until early into the morning while listening to megadeth.

i need to pick a project. i might need your help. i'll do a roundup in another post but the two major contenders are the mephiskapheles music video and the cassettes music video.

[the duck from the mephiskapheles video]

other things that come to mind are a short with floyd fox i said i'd be working on last year...a comic about how much this summer sucked and a short comic about people riding the wrong way in bike lanes. not to mention my musical endeavors.

i've been a thinker long enough time to do.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

:: reel ::

my new site is in full swing but i figured i'd put my demo reel over here now that i finished it up:

smo demo reel 2009 from smo on Vimeo.

gimmie work!

Friday, August 07, 2009

:: update ::

i'm in transition. i made my first drawing/ranty post over at i'll be posting over there while i get the site looking right. but all the links are straight up now this blog might start sitting. so start scopin that one out IF YOU DARE!


also someone please hire me or take me on as an apprentice if you do traditional stuff. thanks!

psst hey, this is what it looks like over there:

Sunday, July 26, 2009

:: sea change :: is functional...still sans content though! i'll give you the heads up when it'll be worth changing links. i'm still not sure if i'm going to have it be or just so it might mess crap up.

either way...

almost there.

i was going to do all this fancy design crap but decided i don't really care so for now we'll leave it at this and i'll change things as i go...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

:: draw what you feel ::

chart THIS sucka!

Transform and...key out? from smo on Vimeo.

ok i probably will.

tired of computers. 6B and paper. just some keys gonna think it out some.

i have a bunch of stuff to post but have been waiting till i have time to get my new site up. consider this a teaser. all my animation from here on in will cause you pain to watch. eff pathos. we're going for agony!

ok maybe just this one.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

:: smomotion ::

so i decided i'm going to bite the bullet and buy real webspace and make a new website/portfolio/blog/thing

eventually it'll be at not sure what it's going to look like or be. but i'll let you know when it happens! whoop!

Monday, May 18, 2009

:: claim to shame ::

i think it's time for me to reclaim this blog. thus far i've tried to keep my posts mostly animation related but as i've been drifting away from animation [drifting back no worries] and endeavoring myself in other areas; this might be a solid place to rant and rave about whatever...since, as you know, that's my forte.

i called this blog screams from space because i didn't really expect anyone to read it and of course; "in space, no one can hear you..."...get it?

So for the sake of anyone who might actually read this i'm going to try and keep up with my labels. anything related to travel, meanderings, whatever non animation related will have the label "smomotion" attached to it. kapice? or if that's retarded and you don't want your blog reader cluttered with my brain leaks let me know and i'll keep this one strictly business, and move that junk somewhere else!

speak now or forever hold your cheese!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

:: it's my birthday and i'll try if i want to ::


I'm not getting any younger, but I'm getting more pissed off that I'm so effing lazy and wasting too much time doing trivial BS.

so on this blog I've pledged a lot of "i'll get this done in such and such" sort of things and haven't done jack. Or I've attempted overly ambitious learning things like "the megabrain" that fell apart.

I have a new idea. But this time I'm going to need help getting it together.

It's a little looser and not as totally stringent as far as education goes and it works in a few steps.

This was the goal of "The Megabrain" but i never made it far enough, and I kept it a secret. Now I don't freaking care so I'm putting it out there.

Thanks to a lot of animation gurus out there we have tons of animation resources. one of my favorite blogs out there is Kevin Langley's Model Sheet Blog. This is an insane resource of magical goodness! And a while back Kevin was awesome enough to send me some extra Avery model sheets.

Here's what I think we should do if we want to learn [because I'm totally burnt out with doing clunky flash animation and not learning anything about how things should ideally be done...i've spent more time lately figuring out how to repair a gramophone than trying to find work...]

I'm going to look into a meeting space for this to happen. And we can come up with a schedule that won't screw with work and real life outside of cartoons too much.

Step 1) Get people together who are sick of this $#&% we are doing all day for work and want to get better at real animation. [I've got quite a library of people from all the other times i've said this, so i'll get on getting in touch!]

Step 2) Find model sheets [preferably more than one] of an awesome well constructed, preferably avery character or 2, using resources like kevin's site: Model Sheet Blog

Step 3) Learn those damn model sheets without injecting your "personal style" into them. Compare notes and get super aggro crit from your peers. but super posi reinforcement too!

Step 4) Animate a walk or 8 with that character you now know how to draw "on model". crit again you slob* [* talking in the third person here]!

Step 5) Settle on a general setting, bookend story and framing/field with the crew. [the actual animation of the bookend can come later/last]

Step 6) Come up with ideas for blackout gags. Scribble and loosely board. Compare notes with your totally brutal cohorts. Make sure there's no crossover, make them funnier. Just make sure that they're staged similarly and that they are in the setting allowed by the bookend.

Step 7) Settle on a general tempo for all the blackout gags. That's right i went there TEMPO. If you change tempo within your chunk then change it back by the end. I'll go though this when we get there.

Step 8) Layout ya jerk!

Step 9) CHART THAT $#!% OUT! I don't care if it's 2009, use charts and stop whining* [again third person]. "but i can just go into flash and set keys why do i need an exposure sheet?" first of all...are you really going to make your director go into every flash file and set keys? are you that lonely? you need his personal touch? Put it on an X-sheet, you've got the tempo, so you know it will sync with the music track if one is added. use that as a guide for your major actions, feel free to deviate but listen to a metronome and see how it flows. impacts that fall off the musical beat will be more surprising than those that fall on. it'll help create a subconscious flow. once it's charted, you can get someone to help you inbetween, or at least have a handy reference guide in case flash explodes [or preferably the paper you're working on spontaneously combusts]

Step 10) 9 and 10 go together, but key it up!

Step 11) now that you've actually planned you can get inbetween know what...go do that! buddy system! let's trade amongst ourselves and inbetween other people's scenes. don't leave more than 3 drawings for the inbetweener. Karma is a bitch.

Step 12) Let's put these suckers together!

Step 13) Let's figure out a way to bookend our retarded gags. Setup ASAP then gag it up! Then resolve in the most absurd way possible. Iris out.

Step 14) Apply the same things we've learned in making our blackout gags in a larger scale. The setup will probably have more character and more going on, let's work together to board it, time it out, key it, inbetween it, etc.

Step 15) We know our animation will fit with the tempo we picked, none of that matching up to a waveform bs, let's make music [we can actually have this happen simultaneously if we board to our timing and STICK TO IT which is one of the points of this exercise.]

Step 16) Clean it up if we gotta! I suck at cleanup which probably means we should!

Step 17) watch our film because we just made one and it's totally hilarious!

There it is, my...apparently 17 step plan to make a short film about nothing in particular with my friends. it's an exercise that's meant to keep each other going, have fun, make something that's animated well and actually funny. This is mostly a rant because I'm mad about getting older, but I want to do this. I think we can, possibly on paper, God forbid.

I think every few months I make an angry post, hopefully they get less general as time goes on. This one is pretty specific.

I just want to make a Blackout gag cartoon. If you don't know what that is. get out of my house.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

:: snow time ::

so recently the latest project i was working on at flickerlab wrapped and now i'm kind of floating around on the homefront. i've been working through some favors i need to make good on [show ya soon!] and just trying to brush up and work on being motivated in general...

SO! inspired by the amazing blog: Uncle John's Crazytown i decided i should drop some coin and but Jerry Beck's Van Beuren research DVD collection...and let me tell you i have NOT been disappointed!

for anyone interested:

in any event i just got done watching a cartoon from 1930 entitled "Snow Time." Lots of iceskating hijinks. but one scene stuck out to me in particular...

there's a hotdog vendor at this ice rink. i guess they've got those at hockey games and the like now...but it still seems like an odd plce for hotdogs for some reason...there's an earlier van beuren with an ice skating rink with farmer al falfa buying hot dogs that don't want to be eaten...this particular scene strikes a similar chord; this poor dog has skated himself starving and he just wants to eat some hotdogs! he pays good money and what does he get? and unruly all beef frank that rips out his teeth and totally absconds with them! that a jerk!

so the solution? OBVIOUS! the vendor wants to sell the dogs, the patron wants to eat but can't chew...MEATGRINDER!!!

ohh and it's one of the most amazing cycles i've ever seen. so of course it needed to be put in animated gif form.

Monday, January 12, 2009

:: go go popitos ::

i got asked to do a show flyer for some bands in Barcelona. I've been working out this image of a dinosaur punk kid in school daydreaming about the show. i've got the toughest bit done...but they'd wanted it for monday. i'm thinking i'm going to have to call it a night soon though and hopefully i can give it to them monday night.

anyway here's what i've got so far:

it came out looking a bit like a teenage savage dragon, but salright i spose.

my capacity to do work for free is dwindling. i had a really hard time scheduling this in and ended up only getting the character done and handing it off to them to turn into a real poster. i don't know if they even used it in the end.

it takes so long for me to get a drawing done these days. kinda lame. i've been pretty scattered but i'm going to try to focus more energy on drawing.

i always feel like i have some "free freelance" or favor hanging over my head. working on cleaning house so i can do my own things again and not feel guilty.

Monday, January 05, 2009

:: diamond shark ::

oh hey! i DID do something recently! the weekend before newyears i helped dan forgione out with a commercial! i did the character design!

i think this is the first time i've designed characters that someone else has animated. pretty neat! he did a great job too!

:: faux-st ::

so the only drawing i've done lately has been some boards and freelance over the break for work and freelance, but there's more pictures up of girls in spain wearing my t shirt so i figured i'd post THOSE! haha!

i'll be doing a show flyer soon for a few barcelona. that's right, i get asked to do more illustration work by people in other countries than in nyc. go figure.

new stuff coming soon! fully moved back in to brooklyn/greenpoint and getting back in the swing of things.

also i have a new phone number [which means i need to draw a new trading card!] so if you need it please email: