Wednesday, May 20, 2009

:: smomotion ::

so i decided i'm going to bite the bullet and buy real webspace and make a new website/portfolio/blog/thing

eventually it'll be at not sure what it's going to look like or be. but i'll let you know when it happens! whoop!

Monday, May 18, 2009

:: claim to shame ::

i think it's time for me to reclaim this blog. thus far i've tried to keep my posts mostly animation related but as i've been drifting away from animation [drifting back no worries] and endeavoring myself in other areas; this might be a solid place to rant and rave about whatever...since, as you know, that's my forte.

i called this blog screams from space because i didn't really expect anyone to read it and of course; "in space, no one can hear you..."...get it?

So for the sake of anyone who might actually read this i'm going to try and keep up with my labels. anything related to travel, meanderings, whatever non animation related will have the label "smomotion" attached to it. kapice? or if that's retarded and you don't want your blog reader cluttered with my brain leaks let me know and i'll keep this one strictly business, and move that junk somewhere else!

speak now or forever hold your cheese!