Thursday, November 09, 2006

:: mose ::

so...i'm drawin some robots for my friend mose giganticus, and this is one of the ideas i came up with.

i've been playing earthbound [well mother 0 for nes] lately and they have a lot of the bulky robots, sort of similar to the 1950's comics designs, and i really liked how it looked, so i went a similar direction. i looked a little at old comics and 1940's stuff, but i mostly found that "metal men" sort of look and there's a lot of wicked boxy stuff too. i tried a lot of things on paper, but i think the big domed head kinda makes it look more menacing. things like no face and one "eye" make it spooky to me too. the more human looking something is the more we associate with it, but if something's humanoid but a little too off, like zombies or faceless robots it's eerie. oh and there's spikes, of course. i'll prolly be doin a few other versions...unless he likes this one right off which'll be pretty rad!

and it is 5 am and i drew this after working on pale force all day so i'm wicked rambly...but the robot's left claw is driving me nuts i'm going to have to fix the perspective on that tomorrow. i just threw it down without thinking. bad animator!

Monday, November 06, 2006

:: dreadful dynasty of vicious ::


there's broccoli offscreen...

i love this shot:

Sunday, November 05, 2006

:: were ::

there's more to this drawing...but it's such a bad joke i didn't finish it...i have a lot more stuff on paper these days, but i'm going to try and start pulling a few again to make flashy since i have no scanner!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

:: the incomplete unfinished works of... ::

hey all! sorry for the lack of sketches, i've been busy with pale force! but for anyone who may be slightly curious, i just found dvds of all my college projects...nothing i'm proud of, all things i learned from...but that being said i'm going to be putting them all on a dvd soon, hopefully with some supplemental material of explainations of what was actually SUPPOSED to happen in all of em...since none were ever completed.

and since the soundtracks for all of them [except the most recent...were it done properly it would have been...i bought sheet music from the raymond scott archives] are performed by the bursting mosquitos...i'll be throwing in some of those old tracks as well...since that CD was lost in the studio, it seems only fitting to put it on a collection of incomplete works.

basically this is me getting all this stuff out of my system and wrapping up loose ends, so i can grow up and move on. if you want a copy you're probably crazy. but we'll work something out...since i am too.

if i get any manner of response here, i'll get crackin. otherwise i'll probably drag my feet...and never get it done...since i'm pretty embarassed by everything that will be on it...

+ more crap!