Monday, October 12, 2009

:: night terrors ::

i'm not sure if i should use this blog anymore, but i'm thinking my new blog might be for more finished work and this for more process.

last night after killing 3 mosquitos in my loft bed and attempting to fall asleep unfettered by their extra buzzing in my ears [on top of what i normally deal with] i kept waking with a start. from nightmares. art nightmares.

all i was seeing was images; floods, torrents of images of projects that i've conceptualized in my head, but never committed to paper. i was plagued by these unborn ghosts until got up and drew feverishly until early into the morning while listening to megadeth.

i need to pick a project. i might need your help. i'll do a roundup in another post but the two major contenders are the mephiskapheles music video and the cassettes music video.

[the duck from the mephiskapheles video]

other things that come to mind are a short with floyd fox i said i'd be working on last year...a comic about how much this summer sucked and a short comic about people riding the wrong way in bike lanes. not to mention my musical endeavors.

i've been a thinker long enough time to do.