Wednesday, September 27, 2006

:: don't be a nerd ::

when i stopped thinking like a poindexter and started thinking like an animator i figured this out! it's almost ready, just gotta get the ink squirtin in and adjust the "mouseover" at the top! then i can meddle with the other colored ones and THEN website content! only 3 options this time, so no more reviews like "it's all looks and no content - aaron cripps" haha!

clicking him totally works now!

okay i suppose i AM headed down the all looks and no content road again...but i plan on content i SWEAR!


[later that day...]

Sunday, September 24, 2006

:: program ::

so i've just wasted an incredible amount of time attempting to learn flash actionscripting...and it didn't even totally work! i did at least get the first 2 button states to work, try scrolling over the squid, he totally changes! wacky!

*edit* just kinda fixed up the clicking, if you "press" the mouse down on him something happens, but if you scroll over him again he reverts back. i'm learnin, just slow!

also! i seem to have disappeared from the blogosphere for the moment!

i got a job working on a segment for conan o brien [and the internets] called pale force starring jim gaffigan...oh and conan...

it was enough work for me to quit ac! but i still have another week and a half left so right now i'm working 2 jobs...and tonight is testiment to the fact that my misguided attention span may give me trouble, since i've apparently been working with actionscripting for the last 4 hours instead of what i'm SUPPOSED to be doing...