Monday, February 27, 2006

:: smosters ::

so, since i just started using this thing more frequently, i thought i should put up some of my older stuff too! there's a link to my [craptastic] site at the bottom to see more too. i put these around RIT and the images at the bottom were pull off tabs. i did 6 one year and a few the enxt but i lost the digital images of the second run! yowza!

:: smosters ::

:: whizbang ::

i made this in a couple minutes before work to advertise my friends show to people i know. the band saw it and liked it, even though it's a quickie....but i think i got them in trouble because i made them the headliner...but hey i'm advertising for my friends, i don't care who's supposed to get top bill!

:: valentine ::

make a valentine with someone in mind, then give it to people on the street...convoluted? yes, yes i am.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

:: a cat ::

hey its a cat...and floyd!

:: smo tech ::

here's a logo i made for my cousin's web company! i don't know if he'll like it and it took me FOREVER to get time to jot it down but at least i think he's neat!

:: dinosaurs ::

these are some concept sketches for a dinosaur cartoon i'm going to make soon...okay...2 dinosaur cartoons, the guy with the crazy flip top head gets his own!

and pete...and other people who might have seen some of my thesis concepts i didn't use...YES that's the "hey i'm the guy" guy. i'm picking up my other concept stuff for that when i visit back needs to be done, now, more than ever!