Wednesday, July 07, 2010

:: movers ::



have you been wondering where i've been hiding?

well see i moved over to my website at last year. get it smomotion? see my name's smo, and i animate and make fake movement on it's a little play on words there...i'm so witty!

so yes, i've belted myself in over there, and though i still don't post often, i post there when i do, and rest assured it's always awesome.

no go forth and update your links! i'll be watching you!!!

if i post here it will be but lowly scribbles and random roughs! all the good stuff is at for reals! thanks dudes and dudettes!

photos by the infinitely awesome chloe rice from halloween!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

:: night terrors ::

i'm not sure if i should use this blog anymore, but i'm thinking my new blog might be for more finished work and this for more process.

last night after killing 3 mosquitos in my loft bed and attempting to fall asleep unfettered by their extra buzzing in my ears [on top of what i normally deal with] i kept waking with a start. from nightmares. art nightmares.

all i was seeing was images; floods, torrents of images of projects that i've conceptualized in my head, but never committed to paper. i was plagued by these unborn ghosts until got up and drew feverishly until early into the morning while listening to megadeth.

i need to pick a project. i might need your help. i'll do a roundup in another post but the two major contenders are the mephiskapheles music video and the cassettes music video.

[the duck from the mephiskapheles video]

other things that come to mind are a short with floyd fox i said i'd be working on last year...a comic about how much this summer sucked and a short comic about people riding the wrong way in bike lanes. not to mention my musical endeavors.

i've been a thinker long enough time to do.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

:: reel ::

my new site is in full swing but i figured i'd put my demo reel over here now that i finished it up:

smo demo reel 2009 from smo on Vimeo.

gimmie work!

Friday, August 07, 2009

:: update ::

i'm in transition. i made my first drawing/ranty post over at i'll be posting over there while i get the site looking right. but all the links are straight up now this blog might start sitting. so start scopin that one out IF YOU DARE!


also someone please hire me or take me on as an apprentice if you do traditional stuff. thanks!

psst hey, this is what it looks like over there:

Sunday, July 26, 2009

:: sea change :: is functional...still sans content though! i'll give you the heads up when it'll be worth changing links. i'm still not sure if i'm going to have it be or just so it might mess crap up.

either way...

almost there.

i was going to do all this fancy design crap but decided i don't really care so for now we'll leave it at this and i'll change things as i go...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

:: draw what you feel ::

chart THIS sucka!

Transform and...key out? from smo on Vimeo.

ok i probably will.

tired of computers. 6B and paper. just some keys gonna think it out some.

i have a bunch of stuff to post but have been waiting till i have time to get my new site up. consider this a teaser. all my animation from here on in will cause you pain to watch. eff pathos. we're going for agony!

ok maybe just this one.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

:: smomotion ::

so i decided i'm going to bite the bullet and buy real webspace and make a new website/portfolio/blog/thing

eventually it'll be at not sure what it's going to look like or be. but i'll let you know when it happens! whoop!