Wednesday, November 21, 2007

:: "in lieu of recent events" or "i am the day of current taste" ::

at the IFC theater here in new york i recently saw "the future is unwritten," a documentary on clash frontman joe sturmmer. it was fantastic, i highly recommend!

then this past weekend i needed to take a break form pale force for a bit so i did some sketching and watched a documentary called "tales of the rat fink," about ed "big daddy" roth [the creator of ratfink, the printed t-shirt, and had a huge influence on design and art in general, in awesome ways...]

also i now own a scooter!

so this is me combining all these elements. that's not my scooter though, that's totally a lambretta, i have a vespa! haha!

i have this theory that the whole driving feeling of the motorheads and their hotrods could totally be applied to scooters. lots of scooters are old and need a lotta work and maintenance [like mine...yowza!], it'd be sweet to soup em up. and it's not all mods vs. rockers anymore. i feel like scooters and the rockabilly world can totally get along.

so this is my rudefink, my contribution to said cause.

maybe i should paint this, it'd be kinda fun.

i have another animationy project in the works too right now, i'll post that soon.

:: wha? ::

haha wow what a string of lame posts! no worries awesome stuff on it's way!