Wednesday, September 27, 2006

:: don't be a nerd ::

when i stopped thinking like a poindexter and started thinking like an animator i figured this out! it's almost ready, just gotta get the ink squirtin in and adjust the "mouseover" at the top! then i can meddle with the other colored ones and THEN website content! only 3 options this time, so no more reviews like "it's all looks and no content - aaron cripps" haha!

clicking him totally works now!

okay i suppose i AM headed down the all looks and no content road again...but i plan on content i SWEAR!


[later that day...]


Peter said...

good job with the hit states and moving the buttons out of the way... it's getting there!

Bob said...

fan-freaking-tastic my friend. the top click is amazing.

Bill said...

Hey Tom! Your stuff is really looking sweet. I love these squid things and those foxes down below...the hands! the haaaands! (jealous)

Alisa said...

that's pretty awesome! I like seeing the progress of your site.

Gr8Ball said...

good luck on the jim gaffigan thing, he's a funny guy!


mikecarloooyeah said...

yo dog you rule link up the new blog

MikeD said...

This octopus stuff is sweet.