Saturday, October 06, 2007

:: gmc lost footage ::

i was going through my old pencil tests from my thesis and looking at all the mistakes i made...animating at 10fps? what? i guess it's essentially on 3's since i edited in after effects. to me it was less drawings. whatever. kinda worked...i didn't know about symbols yet then either. lots of stuff that would have made the whole process easier. this is why i'm jaded about scool. basic stuff.

here's some cycle tests for "scene 13" the segment that was meant to go after opening the fridge and before that trn to the tv. after the eggs are put on the counter the open themselves and walk across to the frying pan rip off their shells and jump in. one of the things i was most excited about and i had to cut it for the sake of "story" RETARDED!!!

it's interesting/nice to see how my timing and drawing have improved since then.

the bread toasts itself as well.

i don't really like the egg's double bounce walk. i didn't have it quite right, but the bread makes me chuckle. [granted this isn't the scene just the cycles]

this scene would have been at about; 1:10 on this youtbe:


Bob said...

i think that was one of the funniest parts of your senior film, the eggs killing themselves. i'm still kicking myself for cutting out israel in the year 2067 from my thesis.

Dekren said...

That was pretty cool! Yeah, I wish the eggs were still in there.


Nice stuff. I think I have seen it before but its always good to check it again.


mikecarloooyeah said...

nothing short of amazing smo! There hasn't been walking groceries in cartoons for years!