Sunday, September 02, 2007

:: greenpernt ::

i get frustrated with living in new york. i feel like i don't know this place and i don't get to see my friends unless some big event is going on. this is a problem to be tackled soon. but i still have a certain amount of pride when i see something like this:

i live in "greenpernt" haha! not "the forest primeval...FLATBUSH!"

[thanks kevin!]

Art Davis
Uploaded by klangley

also...some of you may remember my grand vision: the mega brain.

it kind of dissipated when i got another studio job. and by kind of i mean totally.

i definitely want to start it back up. kevin langley was nice enough to send me a bunch of model sheets. now that i'm working from home again i'm going to possibly get a new domain [threeprong is kind of tired these days...i might just buy the domain for the megabrain] and start it back up. i'll send a mass email out because it's been 6 months since we did anything with it and i'm sure everyone forgot about it! yeeps!


molar said...

woooo! the mega brain! hey i'll pitch in a few bucks if you're gonna buy a domain name for it, no reason you should have to shell out hard earned cash by yourself!

Dagan Moriarty said...

hey Smo :)

'megabrain' should be a reality, baby!

i didn't forget, build it and they will come... and by "they" i mean definitely "i" and I'm sure all the original fellas, at least, no?


Peter said...


Translated: Let's go for it!

Brendan Tobin said...

Hey, Greenpernt! Nice. My wife's German grandmother grew up in Germantown (now the upper East Side) and Astoria. She actually pronounced Greenpoint = Greenpernt. I also heard tales that a toilet was pronounced terlet. That's a cool Brooklyn accent that's died out, especially when discussing boids going to the terlet.