Tuesday, July 17, 2007

:: anijam ::

working on the back now, i'll clean this up once i get the card done! thanks for all the input! i went with the background, added some spiderwebs, tonight i'll add some manner of monster on the stalactites.

the back is going to be tricky. i'm sure there will be progress posts before i clean the post up!

layout/color help needed!!! what sort of colors hsould i go with? should i draw a bg should i use gradient?


SWEET! i'll be animating at the ASIFA HOLLYWOOD booth 5434 for the anijam on saturday during comic con 4:30-7! haha chris daly eat yer heart out! anijam!!!



not sure if it's too late but i just emailed asifa hollywood about joining the anijam at comic con. we'll see what happens! i'm working up a "business" card right now, i'll post sketches. i'm trying to figure out if i want it to look:







probably not professional.

it's going to be a trading card. let me know if i should be a "bad guy" or a "good guy" input appreciated! as i said sketches soon!

here's a version in my normal clothes:


Christian said...

be a bad guy who is heavy metal, metal bad guys are always awesome

molar said...

whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!? ANIJAM?? I wanna go!!

dude that is freakin awesome! also, you're going to comic con, which is freakin awesome. I wish i was smo.

hey i'm working on business card designs too! i'd like to see yours! i'll put mine up soon!

Peter said...


Roo Devon said...

I would say you were more of a reluctant anti-hero rather then a good of evil charcter. Then again I was always into character development a little too much.

The posture right now makes you more evil. If you had your hand triumphant up in the air you would look more like a hero.

Bob said...

i think the glow from the top black applied to the bottom black's bg color would look best. it's looking SWEET!

mikecarloooyeah said...

bad guy is definatley the way to go SMo! I did the first on on top.

Alisa said...

I like the top one, but you might tone down the brightness of the glow behind your hand a tad. Very cool idea for a business card!