Sunday, July 15, 2007

:: monsters ::

drew these after watching dragon's lair clips. and afterward realized i gave them both the same line of action.

where have we seen that dinosaur before...but..younger?


Bob said...

haha, sweet. is the bottom one magma inspired?

mikecarloooyeah said...

hahaha amazing! These drawings are real tight smo, good structure, and awesome guns on the head!

Peter said...

same line of action, yeah, but ones stretched and the other's compressed. A little tweak adds some variety...

I like em! the RatBat reminds me of Blackwolf's lizard lackey from Wizards. I could see him tromping around, eager to please some evil master.

and whoah! from wickerpedia:
"Wizards was always intended as a trilogy. One of the sequels was pitched to Fox, who have yet to greenlight the project.[4] In late 2004, a Wizards II graphic novel went into production, produced by Bakshi. The stories will be from the Wizards "universe" and each story will be created by a different artist.[8]"