Sunday, February 18, 2007

:: mephiskapheles duck ::

i think i figured out the duck i was messing with before. i might go ahead with the mephiskapheles video because i can apparently get in touch with the band and get the rights. here's a really rough drawing of the duck:

pete and i just were going over some color options, and i thought i'd open it up. thoughts? anything here look good to you? should i have something else?

hey a new option:

here's the first batch before petes suggestions

after a conversation with sean [his blog's to the right] at apples in stereo, i decided to make him more like us, a half breed skapunk, instead of super genre oriented. a "skunk". it's tough because it's busy looking, but so are[/were] we. that way i think it might make it feel less like a genre war sort of thing, and more like this guy's just trying to have fun but the penguin is "too cool."

i'll post the penguin and cleanups soon. just wanted this on file.

here's the song i'm going to be using: "eskamoes" - property of mephiskapheles, and moon ska you might have to right click it.

oh! and here's the other character, i have to figure out a good way to get his blacks to work, but i have his design set.


Bob said...

the duck is totally sweet, so is the penguin.

as for the colors i like the last two of the four (brown w/grey vest and green w/blue vest)

i can see the animation for this being really rad, the design and everything would call for either limited body movement animation or a lot of hardcore full animation. i don't know how much time you have to invest in it but it would definitely rock as a finished product either way.

did you talk to the band or are you just doing this?

:: smo :: said...

hardcore full animation of course! that's why i'm doing this. a project i don't have to think too too much about, and can learn musical timing with. like a ska merrie melody.

i was just going to do it for fun, but it looks like i can get in touch with the band now, so i'll try to!

Peter said...

it looks like the penguin is playing pool with an egg. I hope it hatches! Good job Tom :D I like the first and third ducks in the 4up image.

:: smo :: said...

i think i might stay away from the brown one since i don't wanna step on bob's toes. but the first and fourth one seem to keep coming up. i asked people directly, which was dumb because now there's no comments i can reference.

i jump between them myself. i'm partial to the fourth i think. but i'll keep deliberating. and maybe the brown is worth messing with. it seems to be everyones second choice!

Archie said...

i wrote this song and would be glad to give you the rights. Did you ever finish this pieve? Looks great.