Friday, February 09, 2007

:: listen jackson ::

baby steps...i need to take baby steps.

so i was looking on the scribner project blog today and there were great screens from baby bottleneck of my favorite looney tunes incidental character. i figured i'd give it a shot sketching them and see how i measured up, and damn, i've got a way to go. i think i need to backtrack a bit and just do those blair exercises john k recommends before i get too ahead of myself. talk about humbling!


Peter said...

good start Tom. Did you consider trying out these frames?
frame 1
frame 2
frame 3
It might be easier to start with both characters firmly on the ground. Porky's just kind of getting pulled around in these three frames, but the dog has some pretty good gestures. Since he's not right on top of Porky too it might be easier to measure the negative space. Keep it up!

:: smo :: said...

thanks! i'll try those, like i said i'm gonna try the one character stuff more first though, i seem to be able to get close with one, but the second one throws me for a loop!