Sunday, December 16, 2007

:: positive role model ::

no time means no new content! here's something from my freshman year in college. it's one scene of 3 of similar length and structure of my short "positive role model." i did it with crayons and a flatbed scanner. light tables and crayons aren't friends.

i apparently hadn't learned what framing is yet.

i got a B.

music by bursting mosquitos [ie. me, bob, jon, doug and ryan.]


Peter said...

Light Table: Hey, good morning crayons!

Crayons: Oh, it's you. Ah... Hi.

Light Table: You look great today! Are you free for lunch? I was thinking we could go get a sandwich down the street?

Crayons: Lunch? umm... I don't know Light Table. Today looks kind of busy.

Light Table: But we always get lunch together on Tuesdays. Just like the first time, remember?

Crayons: Light Table... I'm sorry. I've been thinking and we need to talk.

Light Table: ...

Crayons: I don't think it's going to work out between us. Together.

Light Table: I don't understand. Yesterday you said-

Crayons: I know, I know. It's my problem really, not you. Maybe we just need a little time, you know? Some space? Like when we were still just friends. We can still be friends, right Light Table?

Light Table: ...

Crayons: Light Table?

Light Table: No. We can't.

Bob said...

nice! you went thru a lot of crayons that quarter


good Deal man. you don't see me posting any of my early animation exercises here.....

But, truthfully.

I have often thought of GODZILLA AS my positive ROLE model ALSO.