Wednesday, January 03, 2007

::eat it new year ::

NEWSFLASH! flying disembodied girl head sketch eats wacom!

happy new year all!

this post doesn't really mean anything more than i'm working and back on the computer. but while home i shipped my scanner back to myself, along with pancake batter [in the same box], so if my scanner is in tact and isn't part waffle when it gets here i'll be able to upload a lot of stuff, including animation tests. i have tons of sketches and paper work i'd like to get online.

it's been a pain not having a scanner. it's just a flatbed but when i went crazy during my second animation attempt in college i dremmeled a side down to the glass and installed a pegbar so i could test animation. i'll prolly get a bulk scanner sometime too, and get back in touch with duane paylka and see what's up with scan fix

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