Thursday, January 25, 2007

:: crab dragoon ::

i got an apartment in greenpoint where i can have a separate studio room! it's a railroad so it might suck for my roommate...OH WELL!

i celebrated by eating tortellini, accidentally taking a nap while watching pee wee's playhouse, and drawing this picture as mu330 came on when i was working on PF. good day!


Peter said...

dude, this style of cleanup would be perfect for a fantasy cartoon with some of the Dio stuff we were talking about before. This dragon guy plus some of the silly demon designs? When the internet returns put him up on the megabrain and let's discuss!

He looks like a tiny lizard on a bald man's head. Or a giant dragon on a bigger giant's bald head. Or a gargantuan giant's big toe! Approved!

mikecarloooyeah said...

Everything seems to be comming up SMO!

Bill Breneisen said...

Excellent use of shape! First prize!