Sunday, September 14, 2008

:: anarchomation ::

now that i got that out of my system...

you guys might remember "the megabrain"? the little online animation studygroup i tried to get going last year? well it was too much for me to keep going when pale force kicked in again and kind of dissipated, but i'd reallly like to get something like that going again.

except this time, it's personal!

i propose a regular [frequency to be determined] animator meetup in NYC where we essentially run our own class/studygroup. have regular "lessons," draw from cartoons, do figure, whatever we need. screw paying for college again!

i've got a lot to learn. if anyone wants to join me let me know. let's bust some heads.


sal iovine said...

sounds awesome smo! i think a lot of people could benefit from this. i'm down.

liam said...

sounds good man-force me to get my ass in gear with regular meetups-i am definately down for this

Ben said...

Sup smo!

That sounds like it would be cool. What was megabrain?

Dan said...

Hey Smo
I like the idea...keep me posted if anything starts to develop.

later pal