Friday, August 17, 2007

:: faves ::

lately i've been animating on pale force and have little of my own to show, so i figured i'd share some of my favorite animation with you guys...thanks internets!

bimbo's initiation - fleischers 1931

methinks animation professor lorelei pepi first introduced me to this cartoon, her or stephanie maxwell. either way it's my all time favorite! i love the story structure of the cartoons from this era...because it's barely there! pure entertainment!!!

[sorry about the paramount title...LAME...this had the best synch though, there's one with the real titles on youtbe.]

waffles and don:
'Gypped in Egypt' - (1930) Van Beuren Aesop's Fables

my friend pedro delgado showed me this one. totally amazing! van buren's aesop's fables series one of the earliest animation companies yet seldom discussed, this is definitely an awesome cartoon! i'm really glad ub iwerks got everyone so jazzed about dancing skeletons!

horton hatches the egg - 1942 WB [clampett/suess]

this is a cartoon i saw when i was a youngin. my friend simon ampel pointed me to this posted online recently at flickerlab. this is one of my favorite looney tunes by far, if not my favorite. clampett's first color cartoon. how the grinch stole christmas drove me nuts when i was growing up because it didn't look like this. i understood the looney tunes connection but didn't understand the directors element. now it all makes sense. perhaps my two biggest influences working in total harmony! makes sense to me!!!


Harpya - 1979 Raoul Servais

this is the reason i had my mustache! i love this it's so bizarre! good buddy and plae force vet. brett hall and i saw an ASIFA surrealist animation fest [that kicked off with bimbo] and included this! we had walked in partway through and had to sneak back in to watch the whole thing and see it a second time! totally weird and awesome! Servais is a fantastic filmmaker and a lot of his work is on youtube, if you dig this check out the rest of his stuff! it's not all pixelation there's a lot of very illustrative animation as well!

that's all for now kiddos!

:: smo ::



Man these are some good ones I love and remember seeing that Bimbo toon some time is far and away the best Nightmare based cartoon ever.. also I like how it ends with Him Slapping Bettie's ASS.

I have some other gems that I should share with you .....Good stuff.


Robert said...

I had never known Van Beuren had a duo named Waffles and Don prior to this. They seem to be a lot like Van Beuren's Tom & Jerry.

:: smo :: said...

yup! waffles and don are basically the cat versions of tom and jerry!