Sunday, December 10, 2006

:: time for beany ::

HOLY CRAP!!! i just dropped a decent coin on amazon to pick up the beany and cecil special edition dvd...but's friggin awesome! all the excerpts of clampett michael barrier uses on the golden collection dvds come from this beany and cecil dvd. it's insane. people like al pardo, mike carlo, and bob rutan better get in touch with me about checking it out!!!

also for those who haven't seen, check out this interesting article by milt gray [conductor of aforementioned interviews] on clampett and jones:

milt gray on clampett

[i'm gonna post some drawings soon too...]


Bill Breneisen said...

Hey SMO! Thanks for the kind words.

I really like that fox character on your site...I wanna see him animated! And those candy-like octopi are the shiz.

I've been trying to get my blog moving again...but computers, scanners, and browsers are always breaking down on me. Anyway, I'm try to put some new stuff up soon.

Rock on!


Peter said...

duh, I dunno. smell this until then!

Paul Noth said...

hey Smo,

This Jones/Clampett feud stuff is interesting. I have to say though that I don't blame Jones in the least for being pissed off at Barrier and Milt Gray about the Funnyworld piece. Gray admits that Clampett was exaggerating and taking more credit than he deserved for creating characters. Saying that in those days that was the only way to get any publicity and that everybody was doing it so that it was "in the bounds of acceptability" is no excuse.

Also, Gray dismisses Benny Washam's criticism of Clampett's character because Washam was a Jones friend and loyalist, shouldn't we be equally dismissive of Clampett's friends and loyalists?

The stuff about Jones from this feud shows him at his worst. But I've talked to people who knew him who don't describe him as the evil monster John K and Gray make him out to be.

My father, who was film critic and professor, met Jones several times and knew a lot of of people who knew him. And he was not regarded in the industry as a paranoid credit-hogging megalomanic, but as a friendly, though mildly eccentric fellow, who was fond of self-deprecating humor and weird Mark Twain affectations.

Clampett does seem like a nicer guy though - more like the lovably insane Daffy, rather than Jones's greedy vindictive Daffy.